Audio interviews – integrated in materials

National Training programme for Gifted and Talented Coordinators

I was one of the authors of the materials for the government programme to train secondary school Gifted and Talented Coordinators, delivered by Oxford Brookes University. I also conducted and recorded interviews with existing G&T Coordinators, and edited audio extracts which I incorporated into my materials.

In this way, we could present different approaches being taken in different schools and prompt learners to think what approach might be appropriate for their own school.

This extract (see screencast below) is about the tricky question of how much to tell the children and their parents – in particular, whether to tell them that they are on the register of Gifted and Talented students, which it is the responsibility of the Coordinator to maintain.

The Time Transporter – a schools resource for Help the Aged

Interviews with two elderly people were a key part of this multimedia CD-ROM for Help the Aged (now part of Age UK); the concept was that school-age children could go back in time to the 1930s (a period chosen for tie-in to the National Curriculum) by asking them what life was like when they were the children’s age.

I conducted and recorded the interviews, and edited the audio files to appear as the answers to questions selected by the users.

In these extracts, Jimmy answers questions about food in his working-class family in Glasgow, and Molly, who grew up near Birmingham, answers questions about the cars owned by her middle-class family.