Branching scenario demo – a difficult conversation

A photo of a woman and a man in an office, having a difficult conversation, overlayed by a branching tree diagram of labelled squares connected by arrows.

A “branching scenario” (or “interactive case study”, or “chose your own adventure”) is a good way to get a learner to work their way through a process or a challenging situation step by step, making decisions and having to deal with the consequences.

Being usually text-based, branching scenarios are vastly cheaper than virtual reality simulations to design and create, and are arguably more effective where the challenges and learning outcomes are in human interaction rather than, say, operating physical machinery.

The following demonstration scenario, which I wrote and coded, is based on a case study in absence management, in which a line manager has a member of her team who has been repeatedly off sick for one or two days, frequently on a Friday, and whom she strongly suspects is faking her sickness.

What would you do, if you were the line manager? <Play the scenario>

Further reading: this demonstration scenario and branching scenarios in general are discussed in my blog post ‘7 questions about branching scenarios‘.

Photo credit: 457572439 Antonio Guillem.